Power of Partnership

...in any endeavor with people, your leadership is the lid.   If you’re have a lack of leadership, your lid is low. If you have great leadership, your lid is high.

John Maxwell

Great leadership is essential for our community’s best future for YOU, YOUR family, YOUR business. Likewise, YOU are essential to Leadership Texarkana!

Leadership Texarkana is engaged in work which is essential to making the most of our community, both for our citizens living here today, and for those whom we might attract to our community going forward. It’s work that no one organization can accomplish on its own. However, we CAN succeed in creating our best future if we all work together. 

There is power in partnership and there are partnership opportunities for all. Link your name with leadership and your commitment to Texarkana's future—and the values of community excellence, pride and progress. Become a partner in leadership today!

If your vision is for a year, plant wheat; if it is for ten years, plant trees; if it is for a lifetime, plant PEOPLE.

-Chinese Proverb

Your Partnerships Make Possible...

  • Programs to cultivate, connect and engage leaders throughout the community - through Leadership Texarkana, Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders and Leadership Programs for the community at large.
  • LIFT to move our community forward in working together for community excellence, pride and progress and a community culture of effective leadership
  • A unifying voice of vision for Texarkana, USA–and the actions to go beyond merely talking about it 
  • Recognition for exemplary community leaders who are lifted up annually through the Wilbur and Idalee Hawkins Leadership Awards

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born–that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.

-Warren Bennis

Become a Partner in Leadership with LT 

  1. Sponsoring PartnersSign on as an individual or corporate Sponsoring Partner of Leadership Texarkana ($600);  join the ever-growing ranks of businesses which are linking their names to leadership as Sponsoring Partners of Leadership Texarkana, and reaping the benefits which go along with it. Read more.
  2. Supporting PartnersWe want to enable and encourage everyone to be a partner in moving our community forward; As individuals, you can support the work of  LT as an Supporting Partner of Leadership Texarkana  ($50-$500). Read more.
  3. Signature and Event PartnersFor special events, LT needs special support! Support LT special events as a SIGNATURE EVENT partner ($1,000-$5,000). Read more.
  4. In Kind Partners: We also welcome in-kind contributions. Whether you can provide meals, dinners, or other applicable services in lieu of a cash sponsorship—we welcome your support and will provide recognition for your gifts in-kind. Please note that gifts in-kind are credited at ONE-HALF their retail value and must be approved by the Financial Development Team. (As an organization which is largely based on voluntarism, we cannot, of course, offer cash credit for the time invested by individuals). To consult on possibilities, email [email protected]

Imagine Texarkana is your business, because it is! 

Leadership development and focus–unleashed and applied to community–is the key to raising up the community, and it’s a never-ending process and commitment and conversation - both for individuals, and for the community at large.  

 Twentieth-first century wisdom is not only that the best organizations and communities are so because they have great leaders throughout, but also that leadership learning is not a one-time event that happens and then is completed. It is ongoing, and for a community, is ideally all-encompassing. 

 Given the potential for positive impact on Texarkana and its future, investing in leadership for our community through Leadership Texarkana is the wisest of investments -  of time, money and energy.