Annual Events

As part Leadership Texarkana’s mission-based programs and activities, LT annually hosts several special events which are designed to inform, cultivate, connect and engage leaders from throughout the community in the work of Leadership Texarkana. Each event has a set timeframe of occurrence during the LT fiscal year (June 1–May 31).

Class of 30 Recruitment Social (Early June) 

Held after hours and open to all individuals interested in applying for the Annual Class of 30. Past Leadership Texarkana class participants and board representatives attend to recruit dynamic new class applicants by providing background information about the program and answering questions about class participation.

Fall Member/Partner Party (2nd Tuesday of October annually)

Held from 5-6:30 on the second Tuesday of October following the October LT Class session, this festive gathering thanks all LT supporters and welcomes the new LT class. All LT Members and LT Partners are invited, as well as city officials. Beginning in Fall 2015, the event is hosted by the class which has most recently graduated the past April; the tradition begun for a Fall Leadership Luau.

In the rare event it might be necessary, this event can also be used as a secondary meeting time for the LT organization to vote on LT matters, to supplement the April LT member opportunity.

Lunch with Leaders (2nd Tuesday in April annually)
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This well-attended luncheon is held the second Tuesday in April; since it began in 2010, it has been held at Texarkana Country Club. It features a keynote speaker, presentations of the Wilbur Awards and Idalee Hawkins Leader of the Year Award, a brief update on LIFT progress for the community, and recognition of the current Leadership Texarkana class. All LT Members and Partners are invited, as well as city officials.

The Annual Lunch with Leaders follows a brief LT Annual Meeting during in order to have official vote on LT Board nominations and to handle any brief LT Business.

End of Year Celebration (Last Tuesday evening in April; subject to change)

This festive evening dinner event is typically held the last Tuesday evening of April to celebrate the class completion of the LT Program year—and to celebrate all those who contributed to its success. All LT Members and Partners are invited, as well as all presenters, facilitators and hosts of the sessions throughout the year, and city officials. This event includes dinner and remarks from LT class participants, who share their community passions for action.


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