Get Involved

So you're a graduate of Leadership Texarkana. Now What?
Leadership is ACTION and the organization's value is derived from the
leadership ACTIONS taken by its graduates and members.

Get Involved. Make a Difference!

Grads Involved







7 ways to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to Leadership Texarkana - and to the community:

1. JOIN Leadership Texarkana
  • Join online - HERE!
  • Mail your $50 membership dues to Leadership Texarkana,
    • PO Box 311, Texarkana, USA, 75504.
      (Please Include your current email.)
    • ** OR Do Even More:
      Consider doing what more and more LT graduates are doing, by joining at one of the Membership Plus Levels:  $125 - $250 - $500!

    • Because LT membership support is an essential financial resource
      for the organization, and for ensuring that we have informed,
      engaged and connected leaders for pursuing our community’s best
      collective future. Since effective leadership IS the lid on any
      enterprise, Leadership Texarkana is an invaluable investment for all.
    • YOUR support is the key to LT’s success, this year–and the next.
    • LT MEMBERS are graduates who are current in their
      membership dues, payable annually.
    • LT MEMBERS receive invitations, priority reservations and
      special discounts for LT events, including the Annual Lunch with
      Leaders; members are also welcome to join the LT Class sessions
      to catch up on topics of interest and access to the LT Member
2. Support LIFT 
  • Support LT's Leadership Initiative for Texarkana (LIFT) to Change the Way we do Business in Texarkana - It's time to WORK TOGETHER with common purpose for community excellence, pride and progress.
3. RECOMMEND great prospects...
  • * Encourage applicants for LT
  • * Encourage applicants for Today’s Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders
  • * Nominate for Leadership Awards
  • * Recommend for the LT Board
  • 4. STAY involved and engaged
    • Keep yourself equipped and informed enough about community issues and opportunities to lead. Take advantage of invitations to attend an hour or a day of any LT class session to catch up on hot community topics and those which interest you.

    LT GRADS: You are INVITED:
    2nd Tuesdays of each month - October - April
    catch up on current conversations and current leadership

    Join the LT Class sessions for an hour or a day
    Monthly agendas sent week prior via eNews;
    rsvps required; Must be LT member

    Successful leaders are always learning.

    “It is the capacity to develop
    and improve their skills
    that distinguishes leaders
    from their followers.”
    Bennis and Nanus.

  • 5. CONNECT with community leaders at LT events:
    • * Annual Lunch with Leaders & Annual Meeting-2nd Tuesday ea April
    • * Fall Membership Event - After Hours social- 2nd Tuesday each October
      Reconnect with LT graduates, hear the latest LT news, support and encourage the newest LT class participants
    • * End of Year Celebration Dinner–last Tuesday each April: Honoring LT Class graduates and recognizing the numerous community leaders who present, host, sponsor and make LT possible each year. Hear and support each graduate's plan for their own community impact
  • 6. SERVE the organization
    • Volunteer for Board service or to assist with one of LTs program
      or resource development TEAMS
    • An up-to-date directory of LT Graduates is high priority for effectively connecting and serving all LT members. However, many of the historical records of LT were destroyed when Chamber leadership changed hands in 2001. We ask that you help in reconstructing the LT database:
    • PLEASE log in to update your profile and photo.
    • Also, if you have suggestions or recommendations to improve the LT website to better serve you or Texarkana, please email [email protected]. THANKS for your help.
  • 7. SUPPORT LT as a sponsoring partner or event partner


    Imagine Texarkana is Your Business, because it is.

    Why should the success or good fortunes for our community
    be someone else’s responsibility?

    Get involved. Stay involved.
    Take responsibility.
    Play an active role.