LIFT: The Visible Invisible State Line

by Sonja Hubbard

As residents of Texarkana, we rarely are even conscious of our movement back and forth across the state line dividing the Arkansas and Texas side of the city. There is no distinct wave of change that washes over one as you move from one side of State Line Avenue to the other. It is just another busy street in our unique city. But while we can’t see a distinct line or even feel one, this invisible delineation is evident in the operations and decisions that influence our Texarkanas and changes our daily lives.

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LIFT: Not Just Another Editorial About Working Together

by Jeff Sandford
Former President & CEO, Texarkana Chamber of Commerce

Ok, so here it is – another editorial on working together. Just by reading this, many of you have probably already made a conscious decision to move ahead to the sports page, or the comics. After seeing my picture, many more of you have rolled your eyes thinking, ‘we’ve already heard this story!’

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LIFT: Tear Down This Wall

by Larry Sims
Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church Texarkana
President & Board Member, Hospice of Texarkana Foundation

My very first recollection of Texarkana was seeing that famed postcard of a man  on the photographer’s island in front of the downtown post office. The caption read: “A man standing in Texas with his ‘donkey’ in Arkansas.” There was another such card where the man was standing in Arkansas and his “donkey” was in Texas! That was the first thing I knew about our fair city but the existence of the two cards did indicate a “slight” state rivalry.

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LIFT: Showdown of the Season

by Russell Sapaugh, Superintendent, Texarkana Arkansas School District,
and Paul Norton, Superintendent, Texarkana Independent School District

This editorial was originally published on August 31, 2012, the day of the yearly football game between Texas High and Arkansas High.

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