Apply Now for the Leadership Texarkana 2024 -2025 Class


Applications are available and may be submitted online beginning the second Tuesday in April each year. Deadline for application and all required supporting material is June 20. In the event that June 20 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, applications due by midnight of the following Monday.  


Application for Leadership Texarkana Class of 2024-2025


Submission options:

  • Online and email. If submitting online, you should receive confirmation that your application has been received;  If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact us.
  • By mail at P.O. Box 311, Texarkana, TX 75503 

Notification of acceptances are typically emailed to applicants by the third week of July

NOTE:  Our web platform does not allow applications to be saved in progress, which we will work to rectify, so plan accordingly.   Also, for best outcomes, we recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox browsers, rather than Internet Explorer or Safari.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS or need any assistance, please email [email protected].

Selection Process

Tough decisions are required regarding applicants, since virtually all applicants have leadership potential. 

Rather, non-acceptance is most often related to the realities of having to limit the class to thirty individuals, while ensuring a diverse range of perspectives, specifically,

  • With only rare exception, there is typically only one accepted from any one organization or business.  
  • The class is selected to reflect the various demographics and perspectives of the community...   e.g., it won’t have 100% men OR women; it wouldn’t have ten bankers to exclusion of other professions.  

Repeat applications are welcomed!


Cost is $950 for individuals from businesses or organizations with annual operating budgets of $250,00 or more;
Cost is $725 for individuals from businesses or organizations with annual operating budgets of less than $250,000.
There ARE scholarships available - although none are full scholarships; everyone pays something. Scholarships dollars available vary by individual and year.  

Deadline for paying tuition:  September 1 of the program year (although with prior arrangement, we are willing to make some accommodations for an alternative schedules)

Program Commitment

  • The Leadership Texarkana program begins with a two-dayretreat in September ( one week in mid-September) and meets on the first Tuesday of each month from October through May, from 8:00-4:30 each session.  
  • Attendance at all sessions is expected; attendance at the opening retreat and the final session are mandatory.
    Participants missing more than the equivalent of one full day session may be dropped from the program. 
  • If dropped from the program, no portion of the tuition is refundable. 
  • The program culminates with an End of Year Celebration and graduation, involving an after hours program and dinner; it is expected that all participants will attend and participate in the program for that event. 
  • When an individual is selected to participate, (acknowledging that it might have meant some other individual might NOT have had that chance), it is with the expectation that each one who IS selected will actively work to make the best use of the LT experience to participate during the class year, as well as to best serve the community in the time beyond the class experience.