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Did You Know: Week of Oct. 17, 2016

Speaking of Economic, Social and Personal Well-Being...

Did you know that in this month’s presentations on Economic Development in Texarkana USA to the LT Class of 2017, “Crime Rate” was noted as a criteria that prospects consider when selecting locations.  Texarkana, TX Police Chief Dan Shiner is part of this year’s class and says he is  “...proud to point out that the crime rate in Texarkana Texas fell more than 14% in Calendar Year 2015 and year to date 2016 it has dropped another 8%.  In spite of erroneous information that has been disseminated in the social media and through local news outlets, crime in Texarkana has been trending downward over the past four years and we believe this ‘community success’ can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of citizens and our officers (and did you know that the Texarkana Texas Police Department uses Twitter and Facebook to communicate to our citizens?).

More from Chief Shiner

The Texarkana Texas Police Department uses Twitter and Facebook to communicate to our citizens.  Included on a monthly basis is a monthly report that has data regarding the numbers of calls received, the most active locations (for traffic collisions and for calls for service) and there is a recap on incidence of crime with comparisons to the previous year.  View the report for September 2016.

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Did You Know: Week of Oct. 10, 2016

US Soldiers that have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan often report that they make a point to look for RRAD (Red River Army Depot) stickers on equipment because they know that means the equipment is certain to be completely operational and ultimately save their lives. The RRAD places a sticker on every vehicle and piece of equipment that they service. Marshall McKellar, Director of Business Management at the Red River Army Depot reports that RRAD has a very good reputation among its customers for making quality products and he  says they frequently receive words of appreciation from soldiers that have been deployed thanking the RRAD for their quality products.    

The RRAD is an 15,835-acre facility located 18 miles west of Texarkana, Texas in Bowie County. The facility has over 3,000,000 square feet of storage capacity. The RRAD was originally established as an ammunition facility: however, due to the demands of World War II, the mission was expanded to include general supply storage and tank repair. Today, a dedicated workforce of more than 4,500 people are engaged in work ranging from producing timber to remanufacturing the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. The depot occupies 18,703 acres and is host to ten tenant organizations. RRAD has risen to the challenge of every United States military conflict since 1941.

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