Leadercast 2017

Twentieth-first century wisdom is not only that the best organizations and communities are so because they have great leaders throughout, but also that leadership learning is not a one-time event that happens and then is completed. It is ongoing, and for a community, it is ideally all-encompassing. 


The world’s largest one-day leadership conference, broadcast LIVE from Atlanta and simulcast to hundreds of locations around the world...   HOSTED BY Leadership Texarkana at TISD's Sullivan Center, in partnership with Texarkana, TX ISD and Texarkana College with promotions support from the Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce 

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The World’s Largest One-day Leadership Conference to be Simulcast in TEXARKANA USA!

The theme of this year’s conference is, “Powered by Purpose.”  Purpose is what defines us, drives us, and empowers us.  It is the glue for an organization and the fuel for an individual.  Today’s organization can’t rely on old practices. A new organization is emerging and at the center of its driving force is the igniting power of purpose. 

•     Companies with ideals of improving people’s lives at the center of all they do outperform others by 400%

•     More than 70% of people consider an organization’s environmental and/or social impact when deciding where to work

•     Employees that feel they are working towards a good cause show increased productivity by up to 30%

•     People who are able to make a social or environmental impact on the job are more satisfied by a 2:1 ratio

The conference will allow attendees to discover the steps they can take to uncover their purpose, to reconnect to their organization’s “why”, to attract and engage the right people for your efforts and to thrive as a team.  Key speakers – with purpose-driven leadership– will inspire the 300 people who attend locally, and the more than 100,000 people who will attend the event live in Atlanta or at hundreds of other simulcast locations in more than 20 countries.  Among the keynote speakers are:  

o Daniel Pink - Behavioral Science Expert, Best-Selling Author, & Host of Crowd Control 

o Tyler Perry- Director, Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor, Author & Entrepreneur

o Suzy Welch- Author, TV Commentator, & Business Journalist

o Andy Stanley -  Leadership Author & Communicator

o Jim McKelvey – Cofounder of Square and Founder of LaunchCode

o Molly Fletcher - Former Top Sports Agent & Author

o Henry Cloud- Acclaimed Leadership Expert, Clinical Psychologist, & Best-Selling Author

o Jess Ekstrom-  CEO of Headbands of Hope

Leadership Texarkana has hosted close to 300 attendees each year as individuals or in groups of from two to one hundred, with groups representing every sector of our community:  the private, public and non-profit. 

Leadercast exists to create leaders worth following. TC President James Henry Russell says, “I remember sitting in the audience of Leadercast the first year we partnered and thinking how good the material was and wishing that my entire leadership group from TC was there hearing these incredible leaders speak.“ He didn’t have to wish that last year, since he made certain he had his whole leadership group in the audience, because, “It is worth the investment of time.” 

The piece of Leadercast that I value the most is having the opportunity to bring colleagues to this event and discuss how each speaker is speaking to us.  Nick Saban said WIN means What’s Important Now and James Brown said “the depth of your foundation determines the height of your success.”  Both of these concepts are so true and help reiterate what we value and believe in as an organization.   For other TISD employees to hear that and be able to share the same vision is invaluable.” Paul Norton, Supt TISD

“Two years ago I was fortunate to attend a live simulcast of Leadercast that was held at Texarkana College.  Leadercast is a daylong event that pulls together some of the greatest leaders of our time.  These leaders give inspirational talks which are streamed to various locations around the country.  The year I attended our speakers included Peyton Manning and Rudy Giuliani. I was rejuvenated and  inspired by each speaker, and I took pages of notes.  There was so much positive energy in the room, and it was exciting to know that leaders from all over the country were  hearing the same things we were hearing right here in Texarkana.  I plan to attend again this year and take several members of my leadership team with me.  I would encourage anyone in a leadership position or anyone who desires to be in leadership to attend this  energizing event.”  Robin Hickerson. Asst Supt, Texarkana Arkansas Schools

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